The lady in yellow

 I am the floral patterned human in the photo above by the name of Lee-Anne. I’m past my mid-twenties, and I’ve been exploring the contentient of Asia for some time now. Originally from England, I have been active online doing various activities but now I want to settle down with a home online – Moreh Oak.  This blog is a journey of a young woman clinging to Yeshua, the King of Kings, in such a time like the one we’re currently in, documenting topics and issues we go through using the Bible as our lense.

What’s does the name mean to me?

I lost sight of my creativity in visual art mainly photography and with words in literature largely because I had let competition and fear dominate these desires. After many events and taking many baby steps to even getting this blog online, I‘ve finally opened this new blog ‘Moreh Oak’ from the scope of rest and renewal. The name specifically comes from Genesis 12 verse 6 which is where God gives Abram promise. Verse 7 is also the basis of this blog as I’ve begun to understand the significance of ‘altars’ in my Christian walk which are reminders of what God’s done and still working on not only in my life but others close by me. This blog is a collage of thoughts, experiences and perspective that have come from a place of rest in the Lord.

Who is this blog for?

This blog opens up questions regarding today’s social issues we see all around us but through the lens of the bible. It is a blog that initiates ideals and gives practical bible based activities to propel us to be adaptable in the world but never losing our connection to Yeshua.