Children’s Reading List: June 2020

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This is Moreh Oak Education’s first reading list comprising of the theme ‘learn through experiences’ suitable for all ages where you and your child(ren) can go through and pick out the books of interest.

Thank you, parents, who have shared their favourites. If you have any books you’d like to recommend, be sure to leave your recommendations in the comments below!

Learn through experiences

A beautifully written and engaging story about Adjoa experiencing some changes when her baby brother arrives. She deals with feeling left out but learns her new role as big sister is cool.

What about Adjoa? written by Rachael Buabeng. Illustrated by Katya Zayakina


First day in school and the reader experiences the thoughts of children on being the odd one out in room. Poetically written and aesthically enriching, Day You Begin peels back layers of emotions we all feel when we’re in a new space.

Day You Begin written by Jacqueline Woodson


Betty learns that if one thing isn’t good for her, she can always try another thing with the same enthusiam until she finds something that IS for her. Discussions on self-esteem, resilience and learning to love herself are weaved throughout the story.

Bounce Back Betty written by Cindy Whiteside
Illustrator Katya Zayakina


Seeing there were problems she wanted solutions to, the magic pencil was the perfect answer for Malala to redraw reality. Malala’s story is a beautifully crafted picture book aimed at younger audiences highlighting the hope she had during her hardest times.

Malala’s Magic Pencil Written by Malala Yousafzai
Illustrated by Kerascoët


Ella has to deal with finding and fighting her place in the world so deeply dived by racial tensions in her Southern town in South Carolina. After experiencing the big city and a classmate being arrested for murder, she has to adjust to these new changes.

How High the Moon written by Karyn Parsons

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark gives us an exciting and fun book a new addition to the series – this time he goes camping.

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark written by Kevin & Katie Tsang
Illustrated by Nathan Reed


Historial fiction of a young mixed-race boy living in Victorian London who discovers his father is the first black circus owner in Victorian Britain. A fascinating combination of accounts of the British life of immigrants through Victorian British.

Son of the Circus – A Victorian Story (Voices) written by E.L. Norry


Homesick and misses her dad thousands of miles away, Leelu is adjusting to a new life in London wheer she must find a way to navigate the city with these new found magical powers.

Fly Me Home written by Polly Ho-Yen


Role model and icon, Michelle Obama’s autobiography shows young readers about her life in an easy memorable way that’ll inspire them in their own lives.

The Extraordinary Life of Michelle Obama wonderfully written by Dr Sheila Kanani
Illustrated by Sarah Walsh


Fun tales of friends discussing matters around them that will engage middle schoolers in various subjects they experience all the time.

Look Both Ways written by Jason Reynolds


If you reached the end, then why not jot your favourites in the comments?

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