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It’s a brand new direction to this blog, so a big welcome to all visitors new and old! My name is Lee-Anne and I am the host of this edu-blog, Moreh Oak Education.

What is Moreh Oak Education about?

This blog provides parents with topic-based resources for children who are home educated or are looking for extracurricular activities.

Moreh Oak Education is about creating a direction for the home education journey ahead where you only know the first step and the rest is a continual path of learning – about your children, their interests, different subjects and your skills as an educator. Having taught as an English language teacher in China, South Korea and the UK, I am passionate about facilitating students and parents with the resources they need to create plans for topics where parents and students can decide what they want to use in their lessons without scrambling to piece it all together themselves.

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Thanks for visiting and I hope we can build a community together!

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